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Thème : Droit de l'environnement

International Conference - Habitats Directive

Organisée par le Centre d'étude du droit de l'environnement (CEDRE)

Du 13/12/2022 au 14/12/2022 : Différents horaires

Colloque CEDRE 

The conference aims to take stock of the transformational character of the EU Habitats Directive in addressing current systemic environmental threats and sketch the novel solutions and approaches that emerge in light of these impending environmental pressures, such as climate change, generic and accumulated biodiversity loss and chemical pollution. 

On Tuesday 13 December, talks will focus on the unlocked potential of the Habitats Directive more in particular in terms of policy, strategic biodiversity litigation, the case of the wild hamster, sustainable agriculture.

On Wednesday 14 December future challenges and emerging trends for the Directive will be discussed, such as climate change, rights of nature, adaptive management, ecosystem restoration and finally, the keystone of enforcement.


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