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Thème : Droit de l'environnement

EU Legislation for Clean Air at Crossroads

Organisé par le Centre d'étude du droit de l'environnement (CEDRE)

Le 21/03/2023 : De 9h à 17h

Colloque CEDRE

Air pollution remains a serious problem both globally and in the EU, detrimentally affecting public health and the environment. The EU legal framework for clean air is currently being revised as part of the European Green Deal and the zero pollution action plan. The main objective of the event is to critically reflect on the recast of the Ambient Air Quality Directives in light of the recent scientific findings, and experiences and lessons from air quality litigation and legal practice. The seminar will address these questions through a joint discussion among legal scholars and practioners (including from the Court of Justice and European Commission), atmospheric scientists, and other experts.

The event is co-organized by :

- CCEEL, the Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law (Finland) and
- CEDRE, centre d’étude du droit de l’environnement et du patrimoine (Belgium), within the PDR-Project WHO-ENVI-LAW – funded by the FNRS


Session 1  : Air quality litigation: opportunities, lessons and challenges

Session 2 : Science – law interface

Session 3 : Revision of ambient air quality legislation in the EU

(See beneath for the full programme)

Practical info

When ? Tuesday 21 March 2023

Where : At Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles, Bd du Jardin Botanique, 43 - 1000 Bruxelles. Conference room P02 (groundfloor via entrance 119 rue du Marais)

Registration is necessary via this form before March 14